Dique Punta Sollana - BilbaoClick in the image
  Punta Sollana, Port of Bilbao
  Client:   Joint Venture CYES-SACYR
  Promoter:   Bilbao Port Authority
  Work budget:   € 35.000.000,00
  Budget awarded:   € 2.490.000,00
  Year:   2013-14-15
  Two diving teams, Cantabria Seis, Cabo do Mundo hopper.
Caisson dock in the shelter of a rubble-mound breakwater built by the Petronor terminal in the port of Bilbao which will provide 350 m of quay and a useful esplanade of 20.0000 m2.
With a minimum depth of 20m in the dock, it is sized to operate bulk vessels of up to 100,000 DWT.
  • Length of quay → 350 m
  • Useful esplanade area → 20.000 m2
  • Dock depth  → – 20 m
  • Width of new entrance → 360 m
  • Design swell: Hs = 8,50 m
  • Main block mantle 75 t
  • Shoulder → coronation height +17

Plano dique

  • Concrete blocks and 205,470 m3 shoulder
  • 44,322 m3 concrete caissons
  • Steel caissons 1,472,847 kg
  • 978,000 m3 rockfill

Ciomar has carried out all the filling and has participated in the construction of the caissons and placement of the concrete blocks in the shoulder of the quay.

Perfil Dique

Nuevo-puerto-deportivo-en-construccion-en-el-2009  Click in the image
  Location:   Port of Laredo, Cantabria
  Location:  Government of Cantabria
  Client:   Joint Venture FCC-Ascan
  Work budget:
  € 61,300,000
  Budget awarded:   € 3,760,000.00
  Year:   2008-09-10
  Two diving teams, Salimar platform, Cantabria Seis hopper, Cabo do Mundo hopper, Traomar III tug
Project in which Ciomar participated with other companies in the industry, in the adaptation of 126,500 m2 for marinas and fishing harbours, with the construction of a 750m quay and a 250m breakwater.
The core of these breakwaters was formed by the material from the dredging with a backhoe (rock ripping).
Ciomar also collaborated in the placement of 14,000 6 tonne blocks and the implementation of concrete below and above the water level for the docks.
parc_del_forum_barcelonaClick in the image
  Location:   Sant Adrià, Barcelona
  Promoter:   Barcelona City Council
  Work budget:
  € 34,200,000
  Budget awarded:   € 2,120,000.00
  Year:   2001-04
  4 diving teams, Dinghiess, Formwork systems.
Among the works related to the construction of the marina, Ciomar carried out the following tasks for 3 years:

  • 26.413 m2 of levelling;
  • 20.666 m3 of submerged concrete;
  • 400,000 tn of rockfill;
  • 2,500 days of diving.

The tasks performed by the diving teams include:

  • Cutting with thermal lance and underwater welding of sheet piles and manholes.
  • Underwater diamond wire sawing of concrete in breakwaters
  • Placement of shielding blocks in esplanade protection
  • Maintenance of jet grouting equipment and west point pipes
playa de la RadaClick in the image
  Location:   La Rama beach, Estepona
  Client:   Estepona City Council (Malaga).
  Budget:   € 1,500,000.00
  Year:   2015-16
 Two diving teams, Salimar platform, Cantabria Seis hopper, Tug Traomar III
Project implemented by Ciomar together with the Catalan company, Somhidros.
Geyser located 350 meters from the La Rama beach, at a depth of five metres, similar to the ornamental fountains in the UAE.
Consisting of a special laminar nozzle to make the water reach a height of 100 metres.
Flow rate of approximately 1,000 cubic metres of seawater per hour.
Its lighting, with colour balance adjustment, has a rating of 600.
The geyser rests on a fixed metal structure with marine treatment installed on the sea bed and has an anemometric control system to reduce the height of the geyser to prevent the water spray reaching the coast in the event of wind.
Other works:
  • Reparación del muelle de remolcadores en Portugalete para Ibaizabal.
  • Regeneración de la Marisma de Boo en Astillero para el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente.
  • Puerto de Sagunto para Ferrovial Agroman, S.A.
  • Puerto de Tarragona para F.C.C. Construcción
  • Puerto de Motril para UTE Motril.
  • Puerto de Cambrills para Bardera, S.L.
  • Puerto de Valencia para Ferrovial-Cyes
  • Puerto la Escala en Gerona para Bardera, S.L.
  • Puerto Besos Barcelona para UTE Port Besos.
  • Puerto de Colindres para Ascan-Sato.
  • Puerto de Ribadesella para Corsan-Corvian, S.A.
  • Puerto de Santa Cruz de Tenerife para Sato.
  • Puerto de Tarragona para UTE Conexión Norte-Sur.
  • Puerto de Barcelona para F.C.C. Construcción.
  • Prolongación del muelle Reina Sofía de Las Palmas de Gran Canarias para Dragados.
  • Muelle del Bufadero en Santa Cruz de Tenerife para Dragados.
  • Muelle auxiliar nº 1 2 en puerto de Tarragona para Dragados.
  • Puerto de Raos, Santander para Dragados.
  • Ampliación del muelle Santa Lucia en Cartagena para Ferrovial.
  • Puerto de Barcelona para Sato.
  • Puerto de Alicante para Ferrovial.
  • Muelle nº2 ampliación puerto de Bilbao para Ferrovial Agroman, S.A.
  • Pantalán para Ferrys Santa Cruz de Tenerife para Ferrovial Agroman, S.A.
  • Ampliación sur en el puerto de Valencia para Acs-Firmecivil.
  • Muelle nº 5 en puerto de Raos para Ferrovial Agroman, S.A.
  • Contradique en el puerto de Tarragona para F.C.C. Construcción.
  • Regasificadora del puerto de Bilbao para Sato.
  • Muelle az-1 en el superpuerto de Bilbao para Ferrovial Agroman, S.A.
  • Puerto de Almería para Sato.
  • Puerto de Cartagena para Acs.
  • Puerto de Castellón para Bardera, S.L.
  • Puerto de Barcelona para Necso-Comsa.